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An unprecedented system that analyses traders' performance and compiles them into an individual portfolio according to a level of profitability and risk ratio set by you.

What problem are we solving

  • The knowledge and analytic skills required for trading was hard to keep up with.
  • Copy trading presented a user with significant level of risk and investment loss and didn't guarantee profits.
  • Several intermediaries participating and centralised trading schemes resulted in low profit from archaic forms of investment.


Scrinium is a decentralised investment technology. Based on performance analysis of millions of traders around the world, it picks the most appropriate and consistent traders and automatically creates an investment portfolio fit for every private investor.

How it works

The investor chooses a level of risk and profitability that suits their needs as well as picking the assets they want to invest in.

There are expert settings for those who are familiar with the market, that include setting the drawdown, trading volumes, limitations and so on.

Key benefits

Decentralised system
Vast pool of liquidity providers for better quotes
Numerous resources for portfolio compilation: Any profitable trader around the globe can be used regardless of the platform they trade on
The contract is non-binding so an investor can withdraw from using Scrinium at any time
No fees for either trader or investor
Automatically generated portfolio from the most profitable traders around the world
Unique deposit asset and internal system currency
Coin rate grows with higher demand for the system's functionality
Fast blockchain transactions
Transparency for transactions

How do we generate profit?

Liquidity providers pay us commission for traded volume coming from the Scrinium platform, which is a classic scheme for financial services. We split this payment into the system profit and traders rewards for successful trades.

If you are an investor, there is no fee for creating an account and we don’t deduct anything from profitable transactions.

How do we generate profit?

Win - Win

Scrinium reinvents portfolio investment in a way that is a 100% beneficial for all market participants. Every party involved receives significant profits from using Scrinium.

Investor benefits

  • AI-created portfolio
  • Ease of use and setup
  • Token value grows with time making it a valuable asset
  • Automatic payouts
  • Non-binding contract so you can quit anytime without additional costs
  • Transparency and security

Trader benefits

  • Immense choice of markets, platforms and exchanges to trade with
  • Trader rewards paid out automatically
  • Using Scrincoins as internal currency makes the token value grow, so the rewards you get will grow in time
  • No middlemen involved

LP/Broker/Exchange benefits

  • Significant increase in trading volumes
  • Significant increase in capital investment
  • Media coverage when integrating with Scrinium

Why buy coins now?

  • Coin is used as an internal currency and its value grows as demand for the system's functionality increases
  • The expected coin rate will equal $100 per unit when the system grows to 50k investors

Initial coin offering


Token price:
1 = 3 000
Total supply:
64 000 000 SCR
Scrinium (SCR) coin will be the operating Scrinium currency that you will invest in your trades

Token Allocation

  • ICO:
    45% – 28 800 000 SCR
  • Internal liquidity pool
    9% – 6 000 000 SCR
  • Bounty:
    4% – 2 400 000 SCR
  • Team & advisors
    14% – 8 800 000 SCR
  • Pre-ICO:
    28% – 18 000 000 SCR
Dates Coins for sale Bonus
PreICO 11/12/17 – 11/01/18 18 000 000 SCR
Unsold coins will be sold during ICO
ICO 11/02/18 - 11/03/18 28 800 000 SCR
Unsold coins will be burned
20% – 1st week
15% – 2nd week
10% – 3rd week
  • PreICO
  • ICO
11/12/17 – 11/01/18
Coins for sale
18 000 000 SCR
Unsold coins will be sold during ICO


March 2017
Idea development
Math model prototype
May 2017
Team Formation
June 2017
Analytics and research
Architecture development stage
July 2017
Initial development stage
December 2017
Internal prototype for testing purposes
January 2018
Team growth
February 2018
March 2018
Blockchain contracts integration
April 2018
Digital asset exchanges listing
May 2018
Liquidity connect
Public prototype release
June 2018
Smart portfolio compilation
June 2018
September 2018
Product release
October 2018
Extended number of Liquidity providers




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  • Technology
  • Why do I need coins?
    Scrincoin (SCR) is used as an internal currency - its value grows as demand for the system's functionality increases.
  • How will the coin rate change after the ICO?
    The post-ICO exchange rate is defined by the number of coin holders and the overall success of the product. Coins will be traded on crypto/digital assets exchanges that will provide the opportunity to buy and sell them effortlessly. Scrincoin is used as an internal currency and its value grows as demand for the system's functionality increases.
  • How many coins will be issued and how many of them are to be sold?
    We’re issuing 64,000,000 SCR coins, and 46,800,000 are for sale. 18,000,000 of them are to be sold during the pre-ICO and 28,800,000 during the ICO stage of the project. The rest will be distributed among Bounty programme participants and serve as a reward for team members and advisors. Also, some of them will support the system’s internal liquidity. More detailed information can be found here.
  • What happens to unsold coins?
    All the coins that are not sold during ICO will be burned, which is another guarantee that Scrincoin will remain valuable.
  • What are the minimum and maximum buying limits?
    The minimum buying limit is 0.1 ETH and there's no maximum, so you can buy as many as you want.
  • The documentation does not say anything about the lock-up period for the team. Is there no lock-up period?
    There won’t be any lock-up period for the team members
  • How an investor will convert their finances from scrincoins to fiat?
    We are now negotiating the terms with major cryptocurrency and digital assets exchanges and will get listed there before platform is launched. Thus the user will be able to exchange SCR into fiat and crypto currencies.
  • What coin exchange rate do you have?
    We have a fixed coin exchange rate for the pre-ICO and ICO: 1 ETH = 3000 SCR.
    However, we have a flexible bonus system that will allow you to obtain more Scrincoins depending on how soon you buy them.
  • What are the benefits of buying SCR?
    As a Scrincoin holder you can expect:
    • Coin value to grow with platform development (Scrinium will use Scrincoin as an internal payment engine. As Scrinium grows in popularity, the demand for Scrincoin will rise, pushing its price higher and higher. Our statistical research shows that once Scrinium attracts just 50,000 active investors, the Scrincoin price will exceed 100 USD in value, making it worth over a thousand times more than its starting price).
    • Great investment opportunities while using our platform.
    • No fees or hidden commissions. The investor receives all the profit from any transactions/trades performed.
    • Loyalty programmes and bonuses.
    • A unique opportunity to buy SCR coin at its lowest price in history.
  • Can I mine coins?
    Unfortunately, you can't. The number of coin is limited and won't grow, which is another additional guarantee supporting its value.
  • What wallet do I need to store my Scrincoins?
    SCR coins conform to the ERC-20 standard, which guarantees coin integration into any wallet that supports this standard, as well as into dapps.
  • When the coins will be credited?
    Scrincoins will be credited to your ETH ERC-20 compatible wallets within seven days of the pre-ICO end date (11th January). Coins bought during the ICO will be credited within seven days of the ICO end date on 11th March. Meanwhile you can check you SCR balance when signed in.

Invite a Friend and Receive Reward in Scrincoins

Invite friends to join Scrinium via your referral link and we will add 5% of the amount invested by each of them to your Scrincoin balance

3 easy steps to earn Scrincoins by referring others

  • Share your referral link with your friends (via e-mail, telegram, etc)
  • Get your 5% reward to your Scrincoin balance
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